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Corey Oneal

PPC Manager

Personal Info

  • Address: 1838 Bancroft St, San Diego, CA 92102
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  • Phone: (619) 708-4559
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Professional Profile

I would call myself a "Serial Entrepreneur" ever since I started selling rocks to my neighbors at the age of 3. I launched my first corporation in 2004 in my early twenties. My corporation has peaked in revenue to more than half a million dollars a year in PPC lead generation revenue in the past. My unwavering determination to succeed has ignited a passion for PPC marketing. For me, grabbing leads from search is the most satisfying part of Internet marketing. Being a great PPC expert is so much more than effective bidding, high CTR, compelling adcopy and keyword intelligence. To be great you must know effective landing pages, copywriting, SEO, statistical analysis, excel and so much more. PPC is not a level playing field; only knowledge and continuing education insure the greatest marketing advantage and I like being a part of that challenging environment. I have a wealth of PPC knowledge and experience, but most importantly I love what I do and have an unwavering drive to learn more. At this point in my career I would like to leave my corporation behind and work for a great company that would allow me to focus and continually expand my skills in PPC advertising to accomplish great things in the Internet Marketing without having to wear so many hats.

Work Experience

JUNE 2004 - Present

Internet Marketing Business Owner

OEI Labs Inc, Full-Time

  • Assemble and manage a global team of 8 employees
  • Research, build and launch PPC and SEO marketing strategies
  • Negotiate terms and build strategic partnerships
  • Optimize, test and improve web properties to strengthen ROI

FEB 1999 - 2009

Valet Parking Manager

Sunset Parking Service, Part-Time

  • Schedule, hire and manage valet teams at various locations
  • Implement revenue, safety and efficiency strategies to accomplish growth and ROI goals
  • Highest car count, car per hour and no claim award. Multiple car count awards.

Technical Skills

Expert, 6 years

Google Adwords

Well-rounded Adwords PPC expert from research and execution to management. Outstanding ability to understand the targeted user by mining obscure keywords, write compelling adcopy, and aligning website strategy to outperform expectations and boost ROI while lowering CPC. Able to utilize Excel and Adwords Editor to achieve highly targeted adcopy and maximum bid performance.

Advanced, 5 years


I have been finding BingAds has stronger ROI opportunities than Adwords. This sometimes neglected platform is becoming my favorite place to manage, scale and optimize simply because the users are very receptive to a well-tailored marketing message.

Advanced, 5 year

Google Analytics

Able to gain essential decision-making data by effectively using ecommerce tracking, behavior funnels and goal conversions. Proficient in segmenting and drilling down into data to uncover website performance issues and opportunities.


San Diego State University

Bachelors in Business Management - Graduated Fall 2012


Business Owner - Nearly 10 Years

Real World Education - Graduation Pending

When you hire me you will get someone who can quickly grasp all the implications and attention to detail that are sometimes lost on a traditional employee.

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